I enjoy working with individuals who are facing a wide variety of difficulties. I help people learn how to have more fulfilling relationships, how to heal from the pain of loss, how to cope with overwhelming feelings and worries, and how to develop confidence in one's self-worth and abilities.


I work with parents to find solutions to everyday problems. I want to help you find new ways to deal with the challenges that you may face as a single parent, foster parent, adoptive parent, grandparent, or divorced parent. I have many ideas to help you very quickly look at your parenting role differently and change the behaviors that are not tolerable anymore.


I have a very collaborative approach to working with teens and their parents. I often find that communication has broken down and a new way for parents and teens to talk to each other has to be invented. I like teenagers and how they look at the world, and have parented my own teens so I can understand how parents feel.


I enjoy working with families that want to make changes in how they are with each other. Sometimes it takes a fresh perspective to see things differently, and new ideas for how to function better as a group.


Together we will assess the strengths and challenges of your relationship.  We will work together to understand how old wounds and habits can interfere with your present connection. We will introduce new cycles of interaction into your relationship that cultivate a secure bond, mutual support, and above all humor and joy. 


I am approved to be a Supervisor by the State of Washington for those seeking to be a Licensed Social Worker (LICSW or LASW) or Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC).

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